Bearing floorboards

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It is recommended that joist layers should be sized in accordance with  NBI’s Joisting Table for high rigidity. The Joisting Table for minimum rigidity should only be used in secondary spaces where there are reduced requirements for comfort. The joist layer must be levelled and carefully installed with exact centre-to-centre spacing. All free  board and slab edges must be supported. Before embarking on installation, the site must be closed, ventilated and the heating functioning.

The  boards must be installed in direct connection with the levelled joist layer with the stamped side up. The  boards must be installed lengthwise on the joist layer.  The boards are screwed or glued to the joists and glued at all joints. This makes the floor more rigid and reduces the risk of squeaking when the joists dry. The screws are sunk 2-3 mm into the board. Forestia 18 mm Floor requires the use of a rigid covering floor, such as a parquet floor.

Forestia Thermofloor

Forestia Thermofloor for waterbourne heating


Forestia Thermofloor is a special particleboard for use in connection with water-based underfloor heating.

Forestia Thermofloor Standard (P6) is used as a subfloor on wooden joists in dry rooms, and shall be mounted after the building has been erected (Climate class 1). 

Forestia Thermofloor Extra (P5) is used as a platform floor (Climate class 2).



  • The indoor temperature can be lowered without compromising comfort.
  • The system is hidden. This gives you freedom in how you would like to place your furniture.
  • Low temperature of the water circulating (25-35 degrees) and therefore gentle for all types of floors as well as solid wood floors and parquet. No problems with elevated temperature under rugs and the like.
  • Underfloor heating provides a better indoor environent, the floors are never uncomfortably warm.
  • Water-based underfloor heating reduces heat losses, thus reducing energy consumption.
  • Water-based heat can utilize all kinds of energy sources, both traditional and renewable





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